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I bought a 2 year old 95K boat that I was told had a full factory warranty on the engine.

They performed a repair leaving several cut wires and wires improperly installed, causing a catastrophic engine failure.

Although the fixing local dealer here in GA showed me personally all the problems that Paradise marine caused, they are refusing to help me and GENE Myers, the owners even had the Audacity to suggest that I cut the wires on my boat!!! How ABSURD and CHILDISH. Why in the world would I cut wires on my own 95K boat???

I am now faced with nearly 1K repair bill to fix their mistake- Paradise Marine center is blaming the boat manufacturer for cutting wires in the harness inside the rigging tube, WHERE I have a repair bill from 3 months previously where Paradise marine repaired the rigging tube! This company does not stand by their service and will do anything to blame someone else for their mistakes. Be wary in buying anything from Paradise Marine In Gulf Shores, AL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Paradise Marine Center Boat Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $969.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Horrible repair job and the attitudes of the owner.

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In addition to my previous rebuttal, Mr. Spencer continues to trash Suzuki Marine online about them not honoring their warranty, when there was nothing that they were responsible for. It was all either a dealer issue which we admitted and corrected or a boat builder assembly issue.

to Eugene Myers #1478158

Gene Myers is a liar. His service department cut a wire in the rigging tube (I have the work order showing where repaired), yet he blames the boat manufacturer.If he would have simply fixed what they broke, there would be no issues. Suzuki was no help in protecting their consumer from a shady "authorized" dealer...


My name is Gene Myers and I started Paradise Marine Center in Gulf Shores, Alabama in 1994. I feel the need to set the record straight and respond to Mr.

Spencer’s complaint about our dealership. The best way to offset this slamming is to present the facts and let people decide for themselves, if we are the devils he portrays us to be. The best way to do this is to provide the information on what transpired, and folks can then have both sides of the story. Unfortunately, Mr.

Spencer has left out much information to make his case very one sided.Mr. Spencer purchased a brokerage boat that we were selling for a customer. It was a used boat not a boat that Paradise Marine had in inventory. We were acting as a broker for the seller to the buyer Mr.

Spencer. It was originally bought by the seller from us new February 2016. When he purchased this previously owned boat he agreed to purchase it “As is”. He specifically signed the agreement a second time acknowledging an additional clause that stated the following.

When this box is checked, I understand that the unit I am buying from you described above is being sold to me “As is” and I accept the entire risk as to the quality and performance of this unit and that I did use my own judgement and inspection.Mr. Spencer made arrangements to come down to our dealership in Gulf Shores, Alabama and test drive the boat and purchase if satisfied with the sea trial. After the test ride on February 10th the only issue we found on the seller’s boat was that the trim would not go down from the binnacle control but would do so on the motor pan. There were also some issues with some flaking powder coat on the rod holders and leaning post.

At that point he agreed to buy the boat and gave us a deposit to hold the boat. He would come back to pick the boat up in a few weeks. We let him know that we would have to diagnose the trim issue and would have to sub out the powder coat repairs to an outside vendor. We contacted the seller and got his permission to do the powder coat at his expense.

We told him we would also be getting back to him on the trim issue once we diagnosed but he assumed it might be a warranty issue or a minor repair.A diagnosis by our service department on February 22rd found that there was no trim down circuit going to the engine from the control box. The tech unbundled the wires under the console during the troubleshooting process and found nothing under the console that was causing the issue. He then found the problem in the snorkel tube where the main engine harness pigtail attaches to the main boat harness from the control box. There were several wires that had been sliced by what looked to be a razor knife during the original factory installation, possibly when cutting the cable ties that bundle it in the crate.

The open areas on the harness had finally corroded and lost continuity. This harness is a very complex harness and very expensive, it should never be spliced. We will not splice an engine harness due to possible problems down the road. We contacted the seller and he said that he would not pay for the harness replacement as it worked when he brought the boat to us.

That was not good to hear.Being that we were now in between a rock and a hard place we made the internal decision to pay for a new harness rather than kill the deal with Mr. Spencer. We would absorb it from our brokerage commission. Dealer cost on that harness was $531.00 and we had an additional 3-4 hours in shop labor.

We ordered the harness on February 22nd. The powder coat guy picked up the boat the next day to start those repairs and it was returned to us on March 1. The salesman got with Mr. Spencer and scheduled a pickup of the boat on March 2.

The powder coater was late getting the boat to us and the repair window was tight. We had to have another tech install the new harness and he was not involved in the original diagnosis. He was actually finishing up on the job when Mr. Spencer arrived.

He ran into some issues with the harness communicating and Mr. Spencer was had to wait until I felt he was good to go and all issues were resolved. He relayed to me that he would have preferred a Yamaha and was not real confident in the Suzuki. I told him they were great motors and this issue had nothing to do with Suzuki.

It was an install error. I also offered to him his money back if he wanted to unwind the deal. He said no and that he would wait for us to finish. A few hours later the technician reported to me that we were good to go and there were no more issues.

All of the codes went away and the engine was communicating properly. Mr. Spencer left with the boat and headed to Atlanta.Several days later we got this email from Mr. Spencer concerning some engine issues he had after using his boat for two days.

It was running poorly the first day and was intermittent. On the second day it would not shift and it was getting error lights, he had to get towed back to the dock. We asked him to take it to a local Suzuki Dealer and keep us in the loop stating that the motor was still under warranty and if it was an issue we caused we would take care of it.Mr Spencer took it to a local Suzuki dealer. A few days later we spoke with that dealer and he seemed to not have a good handle on the repairs.

We asked Mr. Spencer to pick the boat up and take to Grass Shack in Lake Lanier. We were confident that they were better equipped to find the issue and more knowledgeable. We paid a $207 bill to the first repair facility and Mr.

Spencer took it to Grass Shack for further diagnosis.A few days later I got a call from Jean, the main service guy at Grass Shack and we brought him up to speed on what we had done. Technicians always like to have as much info as they can to solve problems. He mentioned that the way the boat battery cables were run were not to his liking. I told him we did not rig the boat and that it was factory rigged and that is how they came from the factory.

The boat had run fine for over two years, and so did all of the others rigged exactly the same way. This was not the cause of the issue we were having, we had other issues. I told him and Mr. Spencer that we would pay for the engine harness replacement and his costs, including sea trial and the bundling of all console wiring.

I also texted Mr. Spencer on Saturday March 24th and told him we would pay for the engine harness replacement and wire bundling but not for any other wiring issues he felt needed to be corrected that were done when rigged two years earlier at the factory.The next day Jean at Grass Shack called me to tell me that he had discovered a broken clip on the main engine harness that we had installed that was allowing the connector to break contact with the ECM unit. As the boat moved and vibrated the clip would lose continuity and display all kinds of error codes and performance issues. Apparently, the technician who installed the harness did not realize he snapped the retaining tab on the ECM wiring connector.

That was definitely an issue we caused and we had to remedy and take responsibility for. We originally considered having Grass Shack unpin the wires from the connector and having them re-pin the connector, but decided it was better to send a new harness and absorb another $531 harness plus the labor.On Saturday March 24th I delivered the harness to a UPS store for expedited shipping to Grass Shack at Lake Lanier. The harness was received on Tuesday March 27th. Grass Shack replaced it on Wednesday March 28th and reported to me that all of the issues had been resolved which was good news.

I asked him to send me the bill so I could immediately pay him via credit card. He told me that Mr. Spencer wanted him to send me the bill for other work that he had authorized and expected us to pay. I told him that I would not pay this bill for rewiring the boat to and that I had not agreed to any such arrangement,.

I told him that he was welcome to send the bill to fulfill Mr. Spencer’s request. I told him if Mr. Spencer wanted to improve the wiring on his two year old boat that was on his dime, not ours and had not been discussed nor approved by us..I spoke on the phone with Mr.

Spencer shortly afterwards and told him I was not going to pay for that additional work. He reamed me good and me being who I am, I counter punched. He claimed he found another cut wire under the console and had Grass Shack replace without sharing any of that with us beforehand. I would have disputed those allegations anyway.

The picture of the unbundled wiring he is circulating is from the cable ties securing it being removed by the first technician. Our technician who installed the harness on the engine did not realize the wiring had been unbundled during diagnosis and felt no need to go under the console since he was not working in the boat at all. I told Mr. Spencer I would pay to have the wires zip tied back up and we were billed for doing so.

He asked me who cut the wire and I told him that I had enough confidence in my master tech to know it was not how he worked. He asked who did, I said Charlie maybe it was you. I did say that but out of frustration in being hammered to pay an additional $900 bill for work he authorized on his own.We did the right thing, we did not take the cheap route and splice the original cut harness, we could have, and no one would have been the wiser. But I would, and as the owner, that is not how I want things done.

We absorbed the cost of the first harness to keep the deal together for Mr. Spencer and the seller. When we found out we broke that retaining clip we had a new harness to them within two days. We paid another $900 in repair charges to both of those Lake Lanier area repair facilities for these issues.

When we are wrong we will admit it, but we are not going to be bullied with threats to “trash us all over the internet”. I am smart enough to know that most people look at the big picture when deciding who they want to do business with and we are closing in on 25 years. This business was started from scratch working out of my garage with my brother. There was no rich uncle, no annuity, just hard work and the drive to please our customers and grow our business to where it is today.

I am enough of a realist to know that everyone is not going to be happy, but I am comfortable with the “silent majority” who do not bully on the internet. There is no PR department, just myself, my sons and a great staff who are not by any means perfect, but always try to be.

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